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Religion in the form of Detestment.

When do religious beliefs begin and the personal prosecution end?

To an extent, many people cite religious sources for the destment of non-straight individuals. My question, in this writing, is when does the religious belief dogma begin and being outlawed from society for an uncontrollable preference begin?

The words “outlawed from society” that I wrote above may not make sense to a majority reading this, that or you get the wrong impression. What I mean by that is that religion, specifically the western Christianty and Islamic beliefs of the east, is the pushing of these ideas through generations of people. These ideas that homosexually is not natural. This stigma is only perpetuated through these teachings and will not stop without intervention.

From my own personal experience, I have not been physically attacked or beaten for my actions, way of dressing, or sexuality, yet I have been ridiculed with words. I have been talked about from behind my back, to my face, and had fully fledged arguments about whether or not I should be able to exist within America any longer. Perhaps this all just is a long chain of events sourced from me living in the south (Alabama to be specific), but it still has happened, and still does happen. I see it happen to my friends. I see it happen to myself.

When many people bring up the topic of gay rights, they do not mean exactly rights, unless we are talking of trans people, which is a whole new topic. Gender normalities in the west are all time high, as well as substandard education on biological sex. In regards to rights, they mean the societal norms that enforce and maintain hatred for these people for nothing but uncontrollable preference. The rights to exist normally, as any other, in a civilization without being scrutinized or ridiculed for existing or being not what said person perceives as how a “male” or “female” should dress, act, walk, if they should even be allowed to continue living as they are, etc.

People, being born into Christianity, enact these standards onto others without even realizing it. The religion puts a stress on all of modern day language and way of body language, a whole host of things that many common goers would never realize is affecting a group of people. This gives people a personal attachment to these ideas. They’ve had them throughout their entire lives. If you realize it or not, change is not something human minds like. They despise it. So, bringing up the fact that these things harm others angers these theists as, to them, you’d be attempting to change fundamental self-truths.

The next argument may be that trans humans are only two percent of the population while homosexual humans are only ten to twenty percent of the population, sources vary on these numbers, and, in saying that, why should such a little piece of the populace change the vary core of beliefs for some? In retaliation, I say that the small number still means something. It still exists. Hostility is still thrown towards them. Would you not accommodate a single student in need of help from a host of bullies? I say it is the same, on a much larger scale. Also I’d like to say that these numbers, in my personal opinion, would be much higher without societal stigma against these selfhoods.

Some will say that you cannot change God’s or Jesus’ word for the will of anything. I would argue back that it has already been changed. I get that they may not matter to some. They may hold full belief in the way it is written and composed now, no matter the edits. But it still holds that the translations weren’t solid. Some sources hold that the word never even said homoseuxal in original languages, yet it said something to the relation of pedophilia. Religious texts are a debacle on their own, one that I won’t touch on much past this here.

Many people say that homosexuality strains froma series of trauma, be it mental or physical during childhood or teenage years, which I do not nessiscarly agree with, but even if so it does not change the fact that these cases happen and always, in a non-perfect system, will always exist, and in turn so will non-straight people.

I’d like to say that I am not suggesting that we break down religion until it is no longer existing. I am religious myself: A secular Buddhist. I am just saying modifications are presently needed to continue on without this loathing and brawling that it brings.

In closing, I would just like to bring light to these communal prolonging of resentful ideas, and the fact that, with work, we can change them for the better of people who deserve to live without hassle, even if they are a small portion.